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  • UVLEDoven200-200_Shanghai Runchang UVLED Light Soure
UVLEDoven200-200_Shanghai Runchang UVLED Light Soure

Product Model:UV-HX
Product Specifications:UVHX200-200
Product Profile:TheUVLED oven is a high-power LED chip integrated with luminous wavelength of 365nm to 405nm in a certain proportion to form a light source with wavelength peak of 365nm to 405nm. It is a semiconductor luminous device that directly produces ultraviolet light.

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— Introduction —
First, product application
UVLED oven is suitable for application in large-scale production enterprises and also suitable for small-scale experiments in university laboratories and research institutes. UVLED oven is used in industrial adhesive, printing and packaging, optical fibercommunication, medical photoelectric, electronic assembly, paint drying, code printing, loudspeaker, camera module, LCD screen bonding and other related industries.
Second, product features
3.1 small size, it can be easily integrated into the automatic assembly process, easy to carry.
3.2 a host can control four channels, and each channel can be controlled independently or jointly; Time, power, mode, flexible setting, perfect embodiment.
The curing time of each channel can be set between 000.0 s and 999.9 s according to the curing time.
The power size of each channel is arbitrarily set between 0% and 100%;
Each channel can be set in three modes: manual mode, automatic mode and advanced mode:
Manual mode: power setting is available;
Automatic mode: power and countdown time can be set;
Advanced mode: you can set the number of steps (steps can be set between 1-16 steps), and the number of cycles can be set between 1-99 cycles.
3.3. There are various control methods, not a single one. Specifically, there are the following control methods: key control, foot control, I/O signal interface control, easy control;
3.4, the installation is simple and convenient, the irradiation head is compact and easy to install, plug and play.
3.5. Long service life. For example, the life of UV lamp is about 2000 hours, while the estimated life of UVLED is about 20,000 hours, which is about 10 times of the life of lamp, and the overall cost performance is very high.
3.6. The protection of UVLED is relatively safe. When the temperature is too high, any lamp beads are damaged, or the heat dissipation device fails, a buzzer will sound to stop the work, so that the staff can take measures as soon as possible to ensure safety.
Third, controller function and parameters
Other specifications are as follows:
Four. Specification and power of irradiation head

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