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LED light source

Uniform luminescence, long service life; non-standard customization!

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Use advanced heat dissipation technology to prolong the service life of products!

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Have a standardized testing process, strict control of each test link!

Strict testing
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Win recognition by strengthFrom the source of chip development, control quality layer by layer

Application in Electronic Industry

1.Mobile phone components assembly (camera lens, microphone, receiver, etc.), Bluetooth headset device microspeaker

2.Some applications of automotive electronic products, IC smart card, hard disk, encoder, etc.

Printing Industry

1、Digital Printing: Application of UV Printing for Direct Mail, Label, Banner, Poster, Sign, Coding and Marking Materials

2、Screen Printing: UV Printing of Shirts, Hats, Glass, Flyers, Posters, Wood, etc.

Medical industry

1、For skin treatment, such as fluorescence excitation/scar examination, UV purple light treatment of psoriasis, allergies, etc.

2、Applications of medical instruments, such as syringes, catheters, intravenous infusion tubes, hearing aids, etc.

Application of Light Curing

1、UV curing of building materials, automobiles, furniture, household appliances and other industries;

2、External coatings of wires and optical fibers, UV-curable coatings, protective coatings for printed circuit boards, IC label coatings, etc.;


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UVLED点光源固化机,其核心技术在控制和聚光镜(透镜),其次是散热设计。因为UVLED芯片的驱动是是靠恒定输出才可以稳定的输出光,过大的驱动可能会击穿UV LED芯片的PN结,导致UV LED损


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